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Rubber glove

chemical glove

masks Exam glove Cotton - nylon Leather glove

CoverallsInsulate gloveSafety glasseCut resistant Ear protectionvest _hat





  Sealing tape                Pallet wrap     Hand wrap        Garbage bags          cotton T-shirts rags

          48mmx 100 m                    12”X 1500m       3” x 1500m        Black & clear          Excellent absorbent  
                 36 rolls/ case                    4 rolls/case      18 rolls/case      different sizes          white /multi-color, 25lb                                                              

                   AF-Hair net (white)      AF- Hair net (blue)     AF – Coverall     AF-40-15/SC   

AF-Hair net (white): The white hair net / bouffant comes pleated and flat (un pleated).
21 inch (regular) and 24 inch (long),         Package: 1000 pieces/ case

AF-Hair net (blue): The blue hair net / cap, pleated, 21 inch,   Package: 1000 pieces/ case

AF- Coverall: Breathable but resistant to liquid and paint. Hood and an elastic on the
ankle and on the wrist,  Sizes: M – 3XL,     Package: 25 pieces/ case

AF-40-15/SC: Anti-skid shoe cover, with grip on bottom and elastic (one size fits all),
Size: one size fits all    Package:  1000 pcs/ case


                  48422: toilet tissue, white, 2ply, 420 sheets/roll,  48rolls/case

24210: hand towel, 8" x 205', Kraft, 24 rolls/case

24220:  hand towel, 8" x 205', White, 24 rolls/case

                  21833: jumbo roll bathroom tissue, 2ply, 3.30 core, 8 rolls/case, etc.

                                 These codes may change from time to time

Garbage Bags: Black & clear, different sizes and different strengths