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AF-CUT 5                                  AF-LX 101                                         AF-108 

       Special material glove                    Rubber glove                                 Rubber glove       

AF- CUT 5: This cut resistant level 5 is the most cut resistant glove available on the market,

only second to the stainless steel mesh glove. Sise 6-11

There is no a such cut proof glove, but you can still count on the cut level 5.       


AF-LX 101: Heavy duty orange rubber protective glove. Open on back for breathing, excellent 

dry - wet   grip. Ideal for construction, handling metal, wood, glass.     Size:  8/S - 11/XL

               AF-108: Heavy duty black rubber protective glove. Open on back for breathing, excellent dry - wet  grip.

Ideal for , construction handling metal, wood, glass.     Size:  9/M - 10/L,  10 doz /case


 Nitrile is somehow cut resistant but not cut proof       


 AF-NC-11-Y       AF-NC-31         AF-NC-32             AF-NC-21              AF-NC-22   

These gloves are ideal for: coating, car wash, engine repair, metal parts handling,..

       AF-NC-11-Y: Comfortable, lined, flexible, water proof, excellent feeling, 10doz/case

AF- NC 31: Nitrile on jersey liner, safety cuff, open back.  Size: L , 10 doz/case   

AF- N 32: Water proof nitrile, safety cuff. Size:  L,   10doz/case                     

         AF- NC 21 : Nitrile, jersey liner, knit wrist, open back, size: S & L,  10 doz/case

AF- NC 22: Water proof nitrile glove, knit wrist, size: S & L,  10 doz/case